Monday, April 27, 2009

Dreamer To Big Time Dreamer!

Today I was alone at home and was getting bored. I Stressed upon my fully loaded brain and started thinking about the things which kept me away from my goal. In my life I have always dreamt of doing something big like L.N Mittal, Amitabh Bachan, APJ Abdul kalam and many more. But I hesitated to tell it to any one in my surrounding. I guess that was the obstacle to my goal. I remembered a quote “Unless you say what your goal is , It always remains away, So push the envelope and say about it to everyone you come in contact”. I never said my pals that I want to be a superstar or a business Tycoon or a Youth Icon. I feared they would laugh at me.

This thoughts screwd my brain like anything. Fortunately at right time on right place , a quote clicked my brain which I have read some where.

The quote goes like this, “If people don’t laugh at you and your ideas at least once a week, you are not pushing the envelope.”

There it goes, the most motivational quote I have ever read. I started thinking about the people I have met till date. I felt like I’m tired of seeing boring people including my friends and me, afraid to take the road less travelled. Most of the things that fill us with fear never happen, so why let them keep you small?

Great people run towards their resistance and play out on the edges of their lives. And great companies and institutions spend far less time benchmarking others than creating new ways of delivering outrageous value to their customers. Why? because the world doen’t need a better clone. We don’t need more copycats. The world needs more human beings and enterprises that make us say ‘WOW’. The world needs more visionaries,dreamers and outright revolutionaries.

I love what Dhirubhai Ambani, said: “Success means never letting the competition define you. Instead , you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about.” Beautiful.

All innovators are initially laughed at. Just the way it is. They laughed at COLUMBUS when he said the earth was round. They laughed at the WRIGHT BROTHERS, who vowed a human being could fly. They laughed at the founder of EVIAN, who believed people would pay money for water. WHo’s laughing now? I guess the universe does favour the brave. People pay for originality. Let them laugh. Let them call u crazy. Say true to your vision. Dream bigger. Don’t be ordinary..


  1. hey, rohit, thaks a lot for going through my blog, and for the heartfelt comment. it means a lot to have someone relate to one's views. thanks for dropping by, and hope to see more of you on my posts...:)
    will go through your blog ...

  2. hey i totally agree with whatever you've written...great going!

  3. @ Free-Fallin' :

    You are welcome dear.. Its ma pleasure to read your blog... Good going..