Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I am Indebted. Keep Showering Your Blessings!!!


Its been quite a while that I have posted on this platform. Actually very long. The last time I documented my thoughts on this wonderful platform was in June 2015. That is almost a year back. Reasons were many which can or cannot be expressed on a public forum but whatever it was/is I am back to my favourite past time, i.e expressing my thoughts and documenting it through the melodious sound of my Laptop's keyboard/pad. 

What could be a better day for re-initiating the lost hobby than a Guru Purnima*. 

*[For my non- Indian readership or audience, Guru Purnima is a festival / occasion wherein we (Indians) take pride in expressing our respect and gratitude for our teachers] 

Coming back to the topic for today's post, "Guru Purnima" a day we all have grown associated with. As a child I remember carrying flowers for my school teachers and thanking them for their effortless service in educating me and my friends. It fascinates me that as a school going kid, we all use to be so happy to buy those wonderful flowers and carried that effortless smile while thanking our teachers. Therefore, I would love to take this opportunity to thank bunch of people in my life who motivated me, inspired me, ignited the fire in me, made me see everything in nothing and made me whatever small or big I am today. 

I am blessed with innumerable and countless number of such blessings who walked into my life and taught me a lesson, helped me develop my skills, pushed me a level above and have been inspiring me on a daily basis. 

Ironically, few of them left and fortunately, many still remains with me as guiding force. 

My School Teachers:

Mrs. Alaknanda | Mrs. Veena Shukla | Mrs. Shanthi Vyas | Mrs. Madhuri | Mr. Bhupath Reddy | Mr. Mazzaruddin | many more:

Mrs. Veena Shukla
I have been very fortunate to grow up as a kid studying in a school where my teachers not only taught me subjects but also helped me inculcate moral values and fine tune my flaws. One such incident that changed a very important thing in me was when Mrs. Alaknanda (my class teacher during 9th and 10th standard) counselled me to control my anger and stop frowning while speaking with people. If not for that life changing lesson that she gave me, I wouldn't have been blessed with people all around me. 

If it was not for Mrs. Veena Shukhla's punishment for not completing the home work assigned to me, I wouldn't be as disciplined as I am today in my work life. 

If it was not for Mr. Bhupath Reddy Garu's suggestion to take up Telugu as my Language instead of Special English, I wouldn't be able to speak, read and write Telugu today. And that poem "Papa Badilo cherindi" is yet the most sweetest thing I ever recite to my self. 

Mrs. Shanti Vyas
As a child I was very shy and introvert but if Mrs. Shanthi Vyas wouldn't appreciate me after my first dance performance at school on "Ek Pal Ka Jeena" referring me as a Chocolate Boy, I wouldn't pursue performing arts as confidently as I have ever. And dance has taught me how to be strong and happy. 

The reason behind my knowledge and love for History lays strong foundation in the classes taught by Mrs. Madhuri. The reason that I have been able to inculcate good leadership quality, oratory skills and sporty attitude is because of the constant motivation I received from my Physical Education Teacher Mr. Mazzaruddin Sir

Apart from Teachers at  School, two more person who have always motivated and directed my outlook towards life has been the security guard of my school popularly known as "Bahadur" who taught me how to remain happy irrespective of any problem and "Jhungur" [Cockroach], our canteen supplier who taught me to be humble and help others. For example Jhungur used to never charge money for chocolates, samosa's, puffs etc to the students who fell short of money. 

Graduation & Post Graduation:

Joe Mom
Jyotsna Madam (Joe Mom):

The words will not be enough and million sentences will never be able to express the love I have for her. My English Professor during my Bachelors and Masters, My Guardian in adversity, My example of innocence and what not. Joe Mom has always been close to my heart. If not for her motivation, I wouldn't be able to secure the distinguished Gold Medal during my MBA, top the University in Accounting, start my own NGO : Try Initiative and trust God immensely. My spiritual self is a gift rendered by her and my Grand Father. 

Late. Dr. Ravi Paturi
Late Dr. Ravi Paturi:

The Lion who always inspired people by leading. The leader who if thrown to the wolves will come back leading the pack. The Orator who could motivate you to lift the mountains. The Man who was unstoppable.

Wherever you are Sir, I am indebted to you for making me settle well in my career. Its you who gave me a platform and I will make sure this opportunity bestowed upon me is not wasted at all. 

Dr. Ravi Paturi, the Guru with many roles. What an amazing person he was who identified the talent in me and nurtured it to its highest by his gentle counselling and scoldings. He is the reason behind why I initiated writing Blogs. If he didn't bestowed his confidence in me, I wouldn't be working with one of the best known figure in the corporate world. My life is indebted to him till my last breath and beyond. A history for the World and a fire in million hearts - thats Dr. Ravi Paturi. Miss you Sir. 

Prof. Ajay Kumar:

My Marketing and Communications skills is a gift for life time by this Gentle Soul. A very rare combination of child like heart with the most sharpest brain I have ever met. He taught me Marketing in 3 words "Convince or Confuse". That's my Guru Dronacharya for Life. 

Acquaintances, Friends and Others

There will be many people who you will meet during the beautiful journey called Life. I am blessed to have interacted and met the following:

Mr. RK Dhanvada
Mr. R K Dhanvada:

I have met him hardly half a dozen times and may have spoken to him over a call for few hours but this Gentleman has been one of the guiding force behind my happy career. The strong advocate of :
 "Don't Push the CV".

 He always motivated me to keep myself away from the traditional format of pushing CV for hunting Jobs and inspired me to prepare for what you want. I yet remember, we met first time during some college fest and he was one of the panellist delivering a lecture. During the Q&A round, he was very much impressed by the questions I asked and didn't take a second to praise me in front of the audience. He is the reason behind my reading skills. Today If I read enough, its all because of him. 

Sandeep Hari:

My bestie and my guide who taught me how to be fit and strong in this world. An adventure freak who introduced me to treks and helped during my stint at Sri City. He taught me how to live alone in a completely new city. He motivated me during my lowest to re-initiate life with a new vision. [Thanks for giving me an opportunity to co-found Iroc Adventures with you Sandeep Garu :P ]

Dr. Vinay Rai:

One of the key person who taught me a strong lesson in my life i.e be patient and watch the show. He taught me life is not bed of roses. He very cleverly taught me some people will play games to bring you down but you need to be prepared to get up and bounce back. I learnt If Life knocks you down 10 times, get up and challenge it the 11th time. 

Mr. Khandeer Mohd
Khadeer Mohammad (Pro Fitness)

My hope during the storm, my trainer at the Gym, my friend and elder brother (bhai jaan) for life. I owe my fitness to him. What an incredible coach who makes it easy and interesting to workout. He motivates me to go an extra mile to develop that last inch of muscle and loose that last pack of fatness on my body. He is one of the very few people I look upto during the worst of my life and one of the few who I can celebrate my happiness with. 

Ramandeep Singh Gill
Ramandeep Singh Gill:

This guy, this badey bhaiya (Elder Brother) is one of the reasons I have survived the worst in my career. He motivates me always when I am in need and show me the way ahead. The best thing about this incredible guide is he knows what failure is and doesn't hesitant in helping others, He is an example of that person who will help everyone even when he is surfing through the storm of his life. 
I owe my knowledge about Manufacturing Zones and Special Economic Zones to this guy. 

Rinto Rajan
Rinto Rajan:

My senior in college and my senior during my internship at India Today group. This guy is a key reason behind kick starting my practical knowledge in the field of sales and marketing.

Rinto : Like I said in my speech during the convocation, I am writing it down here too; that you are a source of my inspiration when it comes to sales. Keep up that shine Guruji :P

Tarun Gidwani:

If this person wouldn't convince me to join Aurora's Business School, I wouldn't be working for the best business person in the State, I am indebted to him for his motivation and showing me the best possible way, 

Tarun, like you remind the world, please take it from me now : 
" You are Perfect "

Corporate Life:

Mr. Srini Raju
Mr. Srini Raju (Chairman Sri City, MD Peepul Capital):

My Boss, My Guide, My Mentor and in short the person who made my career. He is a perfect example of a 

"Boss who puts the human before the Job; who understands that life sometimes gets in the way; who gives you leeway during the tough times and have enough confidence in you to know that you will try to make up for it in the future". 

He is the person who has bestowed me with the best of the projects anyone could dream of during their small stint at his/her career. He blessed me with such an incredible project to work with Ministry of Human Resources, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Management of Sri City for setting up Indian Institute of Information Technology. I am indebted to him for his faith in me for letting me handle IIIT project all by myself. He has taught me a lot of things and have guided me to the best of his time. 

Mr. Kumar Ramachandran
Mr. Kumar Ramachandran:

Had a pleasure of working with Mr. Kumar Ramachandran, former MD Applied Material India and former Founder Vignani Technologies at Indian Institute of Information Technology. Mr. Kumar is one of the most strongest person I have ever met. He taught me how to get your work done subtly in any situation. He taught me the importance of saying a "No". He taught me "never to give a first blow and don't hesitant to give a second blow when people knock you down". He taught me that you can chase your dream. He taught me that every one has an ability to move out of their comfort zone and do great in their life. 

Dance Life!!

 Shiamak Davar :

Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arst has been a mecca for me years. I owe all the perfection of my Jazz and other form of dance moves to this great man. An incredible person who has given me the best ever thing in my life; that is my ability to perform. 

Aryan Rajput:

Aryan Rajput, Founder : Twist & Turns Dance Company was the first one to identify my ability to be a dance instructor. He helped me nurture my Dancing Techniques and made me realise my potential by handling over the responsibility of few of his studios during Summer Workshops at Abids, Naraynguda, Sainikpuri etc which gave me the most sort after thing in my Life. He is My Dance Guru and will remain forever.

My Parents and Lord Krishna:

For any person in this World, the First University is his/her home and Parents are the Ultimate Teacher sent by the Supreme Lord. My parents have taught me that I have the capacity and brilliance to take over the world and the best gift they ever did to me is gave me an opportunity to stand on my feet. I am indebted to them till the last drop of my blood. Thank you Mom and Dad

Nothing in this World makes me more happy than the visual darshan of my Lord at Iskcon Temple. His name carries the ultimate divinity. He is my Greatest Teacher. His way of teaching is incredible and that way is called a Life. 

Cheaters, Betrayers, Tricksters, Sharks, Fraudsters, Fake People etc:

Everyone will encounter these bunch of people in their life who will cheat you, fraud you, take you for a ride and betray you. I too have encountered many but these people have taught me the best lessons ever in my life. I learnt the following from them and I would like to thank them for teaching me lessons worth million dollars:

  1. Failure is not a tattoo its a bruise and it will eventually disappear.
  2. Most people aren't bad people. Most are normal people who make bad decisions when they are in bad situations. 
  3. Be humble not only when you succeed but also when you fail. Kindness in word and action, and humble in thought and belief.
  4. You meet everyone in your life: The Good and The Bad. The Good make you thankful for the lessons you learnt and the Bad make you learn lessons. 
  5. You survive if the fire within you burn brighter than the fire around you.

Thanks for your patience in reading this post. Friends, tell your Guru's how much you respect and love them. Life is a learning, be a Great Student. Life will throw surprise exams at its will, be ready to crack it to the best. 

Rohit Tiwari

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