Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Bharat Nirman Saga and the Idiots Marketing.

Someone wisely said "If you can't blind them with brilliance, then bedazzle them with bullshit..." I don’t know the name of the person who quoted this but I am confident that if this man or women was alive today then he/she would be for sure working with the Government of India.  From past few weeks, there are a series of Ad- Campaigns on “Bharat Nirman” being aired on almost every channel. These campaigns launched by United Progressive Alliance (The ruling political party of India) looks to me something near similar to the “India Shining” campaign launched by National Democratic Alliance (NDA) during their Government dated back 9 years ago. The “Bharat Nirman” campaign just like the Oldie friend –“India Shining” campaign 2004 is aimed at one single objective – the near coming election season. But the name, the time, the ruling party and the growth has changed. The big difference from 2004 is that the Congress cannot help making you believe that everything in this country was brought to you by the Nehrus and Gandhis (I Love Mahatma Gandhi), the rest of India are just passengers who ride their train. The Golden Quadrilateral Highway which connects Kolkatta, Chennai and Bengaluru had posters of AB Vajpayee placed everywhere during NDA’s rule but now they are replaced by Sonia Gandhi’s as if she or her political party has sanctioned the project. I respect Mrs.Gandhi for several reasons but sometimes I just wonder; does she really deserve that kind of attention just because her suffix is Gandhi. I think No. But yes, for sure she is a Woman who inspires me a lot for several reasons. I will discuss that later someday in one of my post. But for today I just want to concentrate upon the “BHARAT NIRMAN” Ads.  I don’t find them relevant today. And If I look at all these Ad Campaigns with the research oriented mind fixed into the top floor of my Body, then it will push me to the level of frustration. Let us talk about it now,

There are few campaigns launched till date under the Bharat Nirman tag with distant story lines. I have tried watching few very carefully and bring to you my views on the same via this platform. The Advertisement of the following Bharat Nirman - Education link conveys that there is no need of sending your child abroad to study when we have Indian Institute of Management. Indian Institute of Technology, ISB and many top rated Universities available in India. I agree that IIM's, IIT's and ISB provides the cream layer with the International quality of Admissions and many Indians will wish to study there. But what about the children of UPA's members?. Digvijay Singhs (Congress Spokesperson) son, Manish Tewari's nephew and many other MP's and MLA's relatives study abroad. And they launch this advertisement with great joy. C'mon Mr.Govt (Oops Ms. Govt) stop fooling us now atleast. 

Lets look at another toll from another advertisement of Bharat Nirman. As a marketing person, I can tell you, one of the first things in selling a product is to imagine a picture of who your customer is.The Political parties are the best Marketer in the World especially the Indian ones. Check this one out on the link : Bharat Nirman - Metro Ad. This ads show the perfect Marketing Strategy of the Government and their prospective customers - VILLAGERS. Every political parties ensure that there prospective voter from a village remains a perfect bumpkin and this advertisement on the link above shows it all. The simple funda is keep them permanently in low education levels and low development of their villages so that they marvel at the wonders of the world the Govt creates. After 65 years of the Independence, if still a villager is as uneducated and unemployed like he was before; the credit goes to this strategy.

If after 65 years of independence our villagers have to be still overawed by metro trains then it speaks a lot for how pathetic our GOVERNMENTS have been. Considering the first metro started in Kolkata around 1986-87 you can calculate how far behind in time other cities are.
This ADs are just image make overs with the labelling "Made by ruling Party" (indirectly). And the funniest thing, all the campaigns ends with "Bharat ke is Nirman pe haq hain" (We are responsible for the growth of India) as if the ruling Govt has done it all and they have all the rights.

In short the Bharat Nirman ads are “image make-overs” and I find the deceptive and fraud.

Note : The ref for the above article comes from Mediacrooks.com , Newslaundry.com and google search.

Rohit Tiwari

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