Sunday, April 19, 2009


The character Krish is my hero. Recently I had been to my aunts house. After a long time i have met my cousins who have come to hyderabad a couple of days before. We all were having some snacks at the do, when ma youngest cousin questioned me. " Bhaiya, is Krish a real person?" It made us all laugh.We had alot fun at the place. When I returned home, the question asked by ma cousin made me think. If Krish were a human being, this world would be a better place.Seriously. Here are four lessons Krish's character can teach us to get more joy from life.

BE THE ETERNAL OPTIMIST: The guy(Krish) always sees the best in any situation. Your thinking is really does shape your reality. Because Krish looks for the best he finds it.

VALUE PEOPLE: MY self instrospection has made me think that, in my life I've valued very few people whom i can count on my one hand. And thats the biggest blunder i had made for my self. I should have valued everyone however and whomever they are. I thought for a while that Krish knows whats friendship is all about. He loves everyone around him. He value a circus joker and helps him. Krish knows that, respect and putting people first are two most important elements for strong relationship.

BE A ORIGINAL: kRISH is one of a kind. Too many of us are afraid to be overselves. So we give up our dreams to follow the crowd. Tragic. " TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE." wrote SHAKESPEARE. Have the courage to be your true and gretest you.,
WARREN BUFFET (the worlds richest person) quoted, "THERE CAN'T BE TWO YOUS."

LAUGH AND HAVE FUN:There's no point in being succesful but sad. Makes no sense. Yes, reach for the mountaintop but enjoy the climb as well. Life wasn't meant to be ordeal (sorrowful). It was meant to be a celebration. So have big time fun as you chase and catch your most cherished dreams.

These were the four new things I learnt from the question asked...........

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