Friday, April 17, 2009

Get Great At Life

i'm 20 yrs old. So i'm at quatre time filled.assuming I live untill I'm 80 (and thats a big assumption because I've learned that the only thing you can expect in life is the unexpected). I've become more philosophical these days. I'm less willing to waste time. Less willing to listen to negative people. Less willing to miss an opportunity to be loving. I've also started reading obituaries.

When i read of the lives others have lived. I'm offered clues on what's most important in life. Obituaries of life well lived actually shares consistent themes, i have discovered. Family,Friendship,Contribution to community, the need to take calculated risks etc.I've yet to read an obituary that says, "he died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his lawyer, his stockbroker and his accountant." To lead a beautiful life, i suggest that you need to ask the kinds of question that will provoke you to think deeply and connect with what matters more. I myself believe in a quote ,quoted by sir.Dale carnegie which says "Good questions lead to excellent answers and greater clarity. And Greater clarity is the DNA of authentic success and personal greatness.

Here are the five big questions that i hope will cause you to go deep and become more philosophical about what truly countsin your life.Most people dont dicover how to live until it's time to die.But by then it's too late. Ask yourself these five questions today. Imagine that today is the last day of your life and u are lying on your deathbed. Then ask yourself :

1)Did I dream richly?

2)Did I live fully?

3)Did I learn to let go?

4)Did I love well?

5)Did I earned some tears?

My hope is that the answers you arrive at will help you to live with more authenticity... Lastly would like to quote "You cant hit the target you cant even see", like wise you cant solve the problem which u never come across...

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