Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today is one of the boring day of my life as i had nothing to do and had not even met a single friend. This day I was Just exploring my house and was browsing all along day on net. Suddenly there was a kindling of a smile on my boredom. Today I had a pleasure to speak(chat) wid one of my friend who all inspired me to develop ma writing and presentation skills. I asked my friend to go through my blog and suggest me some tips to improve it. She was overwhelmed reading my postings. She was astonished and she praised me for it. That was the first time i realised that the comments passed by my friends happend to be a wish for me to improve in this area.

I started thinking about my journey from an ordinary english using boy to an extraordinary and improved guy. I started revinding the things that happened throughout this journey of mine. I remembered about a story i have read somewhere, the story goes like this:

The author of the story who is a lawyer meets his friend after a long time. The friend arrives at the house of the author for some discussion over a cup of tea. Spotting the cup of tea on the table, the friend started to pour into the authors waiting cup. He poured untill the cup was full--but then he kept on pouring! Tea started to trickle down the sides of the cup and into the saucer. At first the author watched silently. Then he couldn't take it any more.
"My friend wat are you ding?,My cup is overflowing. No matter how hard you try, no more will go in!" The author yelled impatiently.
The man looked at the author for a long time. "Please don't take it wrong way. I really respect you." the friend remarked. He added "Just like this cup, you seem to be full of your own ideas. And how can any more go in ..........Until you first empty your cup".

After reading this story I was Really Struck by the truth of the words told by the author's friend. He was right. My many years in the conservative world, doing the same thing every day with the same people who thought the same thoughts every day had filled my cup to the brim. I couldnt remember the last time i had read the book which did not belong to my academic syllabus. I began to realize that the sterile world I had grown accustomed to had dulled my creativity and limited my vision.

These thoughts provoked and acted like oil to my inner burning creativity.. I remembered my friends who have encouraged, criticized and commented upon my verbal ability. I made up my mind to read as many books as i can and to develope my self as much as I can.. That lead to the personal change people around me notice in me.

Lastly the most inspiring quote which inspired me alot was "question asked me was when do u read , I replied when dont i read" as quoted by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.
As i conclude, i would like to thank Vishnukanth Heda, my school friend for showing me the way to write blogs and inspiring me.

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