Friday, August 2, 2013

Gaana Bajaana and Rona Dhona over Telangana on Social Media!!

Unlike the ex-generation which used to fire crackers and distribute sweets over any celebration, today's generation is more inclined towards celebrating and expressing their happiness on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and many others.

This was clearly visible on the day Telangana was announced recently. As soon as the announcement for a new state was out, there were a series of status and tweets updated over various social media sites. On Twitter the Hash-Tag #Telangana was trending and Facebook folks made their FB walls a debating battle ground for their support and opposition to the new ruling proposed. It felt as if the Gaana Bajana over Telangana was on full swing on Social Media and equally there was Rona Dhona by some United Andhra Supporters.

The Twitter was high on drama. With sentiments of happiness & sorrow tweeting around, there were a huge set of youngsters who tried encashing upon the situation to get more followers by tweeting funny tweets about Telangana. Please check the pictures below:

Few people Like the one above were witty about the situation :)

The above pictures are from Twitter; where people were jovially tweeting for fun about Telangana, may be because it didn't mater to them like many. But on other hand there were people who were very interested and concerned like the ones below:

One guy was sounding equally concerned and funny at the same time about the situation and he posted a cartoon on his twitter handle (pl check below pic)

Now let us see what were our social networking friends had to do with the situation on Facebook. With the Hash-Tag option recently launched on Facebook (copied from Rival Tweeter), there were a mixed style of comments, status updates and posts on Telangana. Few of them are posted below:


There were many who posted about the advantages of having a separate State and equally there were people who said that this is not a right decision. The news agencies and other Facebook Page owners also shot in on the situation to raise their Likes and followers. Each and every news agency was updating their Social Media Sites with a speed of a rocket. 

Social Media has become a Celebrating, Crying and Fun oriented ground like never before. Today's generation is right there sharing and counting on new hot topics to be shared on their social platforms. It is interesting to see how companies and brands use these situations and en-cash upon the opportunity.

My today's post was just to observe and understand how people shoot their updates and status in the given situation. Shall be soon writing on how brands can leverage these opportunities with some examples from the past and present.

Hope you like this tiny rattle by me. 

Rohit Tiwari

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