Thursday, April 16, 2009

My First Vote....

16th april 2009.....{my first vote}
Yesterday Nite I was in a big scriple.... the next morning was going to be the day on which i was gonna vote. There were many thoughts provoking in my fully loaded brain. I was in a big confusion, for whom to exercise my valuable vote. I started thinking about Indian Voting System and was comparing it with the voting system in France and United States of America.. I was thinking that "Why do people call Indian Democracy as the biggest democracy" . The voting system in India is far much worst than in any backward nation.. We people Vote for Concellors, Member of Legislative Assembly , Member of Parliament and these people in turn select and elect our Prime Minister and to an extent our President. Most of the candits standing for M.l.a's post and M.P's post are not graduated and in most of the cases they are not even educated and most of them maintains a wide criminal records. Why dont India opt for a better and effective voting and political system was the questine asked by my so called brain. Why cant We have a voting system as of America which is direct in attitude and nature. Why cant we have a compulsary education or a course to be completed to get into politics. Todays Politics is no more a Gentle and kind mans profeesion, instead it has become a rowdies and homicides collection.. Next day i had to vote as it was not only my right but also my duty. iI did vote, but sorry cant reveal you any thing about the party whom I voted. I actuall want to see better leaders to lead Indian and To lead an Indian........Jai Hind.
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  1. hey rohit...ur absolutely right
    every one of us wants a leader who can change india into a better one..
    but no one dares 2 step forward for it...
    hope ur posting may help ppl 2 change there mindset
    n han i still remember the dialouges of rang de basanti"GHAR KI SAFAI ME HATH GANDE KAUN KARE"

  2. @ Neha:

    Thank you so much Neha.... Yeah really we, the present generation are actually coward so we say that Politics is worst profession.. If we were brave and courageous, we wouldnt have said "why me" instead we had said "Try me"... God bless .. take care.