Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Life is like a Shopping Mall with range of options placed before you. It has in abundance all the happiness, sadness, opportunities, emotions, strength, power, knowledge etc to be chosen from. It is we who need to decide what we have to pick up from this shopping mall named “Life”.

Either we can be very pessimistic about the events “or” choose to see the positives. The best part is that the power to choose what we need is bestowed upon us. Though everyone; if given an option would like to choose ‘Happiness over Sadness’, ‘Opportunities over Threat’ and ‘Strength over Weaknesses’ etc. but most of us end up selecting ‘Sadness over Happiness’, ‘Threat over Opportunities’ and ‘Weaknesses over Strength’ etc. And all this happens because the Negative items are lot more luring to us than Positive ones just like any unhealthy food item placed at a retail store will attract us more than the healthy ones.

In my personal case too, I have been attracted or have been persuaded by negative thoughts hell number of times. It just happens to everyone that sometimes we feel lost in the hills of negativity and other times we feel as if we have conquered the Mountains of Positive thoughts. At time the tears can’t be hold in your eyes and other times you can’t just control the laughter paved out of eternal happiness. When we are sad, we don’t have an idea about how to swim/escape out of it but when your jaws are working out aggressively laughing and screaming in happiness, then we don’t find a problem in it. It’s a fact that we all see sadness/negativity as a deadly disease to be cured immediately while happiness as the paradise of Life. But we all tend to forget that all these are just emotions, thoughts and part of life which are selected by our kind-self based on situations and actions.

We all have to taste every flavour of life whether we like it or not. All these expressions, emotions and thoughts are bundled together as life. We just need to decide which items out of this bundle shall be used often and which items shall never be. We cannot escape from any sadness/negativity all throughout but what we can do is eventually reduce it to a level that it doesn’t impact us to the slightest measure possible.

As a New Year Resolution due in few weeks, I am working towards becoming a cleaner and purer me: ‘Me’ which is clear in conscience, pure by heart and the one I can look upto in the mirror and say this man has never deceived anyone and shall not feel negative about anything. Afterall if your deeds are good, all good will happen to you. 

Rah De Krishna. God Bless You. 

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  1. It's a very nice article, Rohit. I also feel same about life, And it largely depends on what we want from life is what we get. Thanks for sharing...