Thursday, July 14, 2011

India? Who? Before 20 years or Today?

India, one of the fastest growing Economy is known for its culture, IT industires, Genius, Democracy and many other things. Today; we have many Entrepreneurs from India heading onto the list of top 100 richest persons in the world. Indian Companies are being recognised as a trust worthy brands throughout the world.

Today every kid in a every TOM DICK AND HARRY named countires know India and more than just name they know about what actually India consists of. You will hardly find any country on the globe which will not have any Indian Genius mind working there. The National Anthem of India is continously being treated as the worlds best National Anthem. The actors from India are given a chance to perform in Oscar winning movies and the Music Directors like AR Rehman is going International. Indians are proving themselves everywhere. Let it be Sunita Williams - the astronaut or Shilpa Shetty - the Big Brother Show winner, Indians are every where.

This all is about India presently in 2011.

Just Imagine India before 20 years during 90's. Was India the same?. Who knew India as one of the fastest growing country?. I think not even the 25 percent of the worlds population knew about a country like India.

The world used to ignore India's economic liberalization during 90's in way of reaction stating INDIA,WHO? And that was when the people who trusted India's potential and invested here made their fortune. India was a Godlen Bird, it is and it will be. The people here trusts alot in God and many people might make fun of Indians having such an extra ordinary beleif in God. But the belief again has proved it self.The Padmanabha temple provided India with a treasure of worth 1 lakh crore which is a very huge amount in itself and thats the power of belief. (Though It still remains the question how usefully it would be used for benefit of the people). India didn't just developed in its economic activity and religious belief but also in sports and entrepreneurship. We won the world cup, many medals in the olympics and CWG. We have got many startups functioning at a large level in India. Thats India my friend.

Just think about a rikshaw wala 10 years ago and today. If we compare them we will find a lot many changes like for example the first change you will notice is today a rikshaw wala uses a mobile fone and communicate with its clients over the fone and gets booked. Some Rikshaw wala's in Chennai have also started their own website for catching the foreign toursits in India. Thats development which India has shown.

A pan wala from the streets of Mumbai in India starts his own website and with in no time he starts getting orders for exports of his pan to countries like South AFrica and other African countires. Thats Innovative India and thats what world needs today.

Today India is a dominant player in something termed as BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India, China which is an accronym coined by Goldman Sachs containing the fastest growing economies which can be a threat to the G6 countries like US, UK, France etc. And thats India Today....

Even the Indian univeristies and Institution are being recognised globally and the IIM's, ISB are the best examples. Many Indians are heading the top Intrapreneurial posts in many big MNC's and some are also becoming the directors and CEO's which was a rare case before 20 years.

The women here are developing day by day leaving much behind the men. The best of the Women entrepreneurs, Politicicans, Athelets, Astranauts are Indian Womens. Thats India for you all .....

I think no one ever in the World would ever dare to say again Who, India? and take us lite. Go India Go.......


Rohit Tiwari

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