Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FDI in Retail: A Joke of Economics which a common man doesnot understand.

The FDI in Retail sector in India has been the attention seeker of majority of its stake holders like Vendors, Retailers (Organized and Unorganized), Government Bodies, Manufacturers, Prospective employers , Investors and Common man (potential consumers) etc . In the huge list of the stake holders associated with this current issue of FDI in Retail, the common man seems to be the one who doesn't understand or bother about what this FDI means and all because for him its a joke of economics which is far from his/her understanding. I have been since long engrossed and involved in studying and understanding the patterns of current trend in retail sector in India which is basically because of the project Research work delegated to me as a part of my post Graduation curriculum. My involvement in conversation with few of the people in this process has enlightened me to the following points:
  • Basically majority of the so called COMMON MAN are not aware or bothered to know about FDI
  • Majority of the kirana or small store owners say that they are not feared of any big retail giants eating away their pie
  • Majority of them are keen that they would prefer buying from a local kirana or grocery store rather than visiting this branded stores
My conversation with this so mentioned MAJORITY made me analyze that this section of the stake holders are the ones who doesn't understand this joke of economics which many of the other stake holders are understanding and expanding their lungs with happy laughs of jokes.

Probably so and forth I proceed through my analysis, I may be able to write more about it.

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  1. After allowing FDI in Retail Sector in India all should become a slave to the FDI, all ready the FDI came to India but now they are asking to India to sign and accept the prison .....