Friday, March 9, 2012

Is Democracy a Weeping Boy ?

The Title of this post today may sound lil awkward because it sounds like an incomplete sentence and to many it doesn't sound as a sentence. I heard this sentence when I was watching the discussion on one of my favorite masterpiece of work by Raghav Bahl (Founder TV 18 CNN IBN) titled "SUPER POWER" - A Race Between Chinese Hare and Indian Tortoise.

This sentence at first was really tough for me to understand, but as I investigated deep into that discussion, I came out with many thoughts of mine with relation to Democracy and how people from different walks of life use it to hide their inefficiency. We find a lot of influencing personalities saying that in a democratic country like India this cannot be done, that cannot be achieved and we cannot do this etc. This is referred to as Democracy being a Weeping Boy here in this post today.

India is considered to be the worlds largest democracy. It is also referred to as the spiritual hub of the world. All this good tags which tag along the brand named India are actually is being used in contrast as a excuse for things not being proper or not being done in Indian Sub-Continent.

Where ever you go and ask for a change, people say the same thing that in India it cannot be done. If we just keep weeping about it and starts protecting ourselves by this shield of Democracy, I guess we are making fool of our selves not others. Democracy is the biggest weapon and the biggest blessing India has ever got. Let us utilise it and try bring a great change in the way we function.

Finally I leave it onto you: Is Democracy a Weeping Boy or a Divine Gift?

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