Thursday, March 29, 2012

Barketing is not the right Marketing

Here I am once again with a typical title for my posting – “Barketing is not the right Marketing”. What do I mean by this? What is Barketing? How this term is related to Marketing? And many such questions are the goals for this post to answer today.
Barketing according to me: is a relationship between a dog’s barking and the subject of Marketing.
Today’s marketing strategies have become more of a Barketing one’s which are annoying, irritating and one sided message. The customers are bombarded with so many not so interesting messages about the product and the service of a brand through advertisements (indoor and outdoor). Like a dog which continuously goes on barking for seeking attention of its prospects (the guardians), many companies are following the same process in which they are continuously talking all those goodie goodie things about their products and services to the customers by means of advertisements and promotional activities.

For example: the recently launched advertisements of Vodafone wherein a dog is used to portray the non-stop connectivity, is lame and not to interesting. The school children’s love being shown is not being accepted by the Indian culture which is irritating in nature. Even then this advertisement is continuously being BARKETED to the customers. Vodafone is not the only one; all most all others are continuously throwing the same old stories in their advertisements. People have got bored with Cadbury’s kuch meetha hojaye, because a chocolate can never replace sweets in Indian Tradition (of course it did changed the gifting custom on the festival of Rakhi) but it still cannot be accepted for festivals like Deepavali and Holi.
Therefore there has to be a proper balance between the advertisements and culture and the frequency of such advertisements. That’s where I say “Barketing is not the right Marketing”. Therefore as a marketer should think – “Are we marketing or we just barketing?”.
If the Competition is Barketing you opt for a meow approach. When all the other dogs in the pound are barking, trying to bark louder will only get you noticed for the wrong things. When everyone else is barking you need to do something other than bark. Perhaps you should "meow".

Notice the differences between the TV ads that you don't skip and the ones that bore or annoy you. Make note of those differences and apply those techniques to your own marketing. Do the same thing as you are flipping through a magazine or perusing your mail.
Remember that Marketing is practical, it cannot be learnt from books.
Rohit Tiwari


  1. Good one Rohit! great read indeed.

    1. Thank you Satyam, Pleasure getting a comment from you.