Friday, January 20, 2012

You Choose Yourself !!!

There is one great dialogue which fascinated me alot from the movie "READY" starring Salman Khan where the actor says "Never Underestimate 3 things - I, ME, MYSELF". The dialogue have been quite popular among the youngsters since the movie was released. But today I relate this dialogue to something that is happening and would continue to happen and change the whole corporate scenario. Gone are the days when a below average employee was payed more than average for the job executed. In today's era of cut throat competition, if you are below average then the employer may find some one working for him equally like you at a cheaper salary than you were paid. Today only one things works out "I, ME and MYSELF is responsible for my living and also my Job, if am Performing I will be on Job or else I am perished". The corporate scenario is changing very drastically, the only thing appreciated and preserved in corporate is PERFORMANCE more than the PAY you get. There for if you are below average worker and want to get above average salary, then you must better be sleeping and watching a dream.

Moreover as a cherry in the cream, Recession is on our head and according to Mr.Seth Godin, renowned Marketing Guru, "Recession is Recession, its the end of industrial age and the end of average worker/performer". If you're different somehow and have made yourself unique, people will find you and pay you more, Godin says.

Therefore you choose yourself, be the best of you can and the world will be yours.

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