Sunday, March 11, 2012

In India - The Customer is a Queen......

Ever since I heard the term Marketing, I have been said that in any Business "Customer is a King", but I feel in developing countries and Under developed countries it would be more appropriate if we use the concept in a little different way stating that "Customer is not King, actually the Customer is QUEEN". That is what I am going to talk through out this post today as to why I think the customer is Queen irrespective of customers being both male and female.

I request you to kindly note that I am writing this post with respect to the Developing and Under developed Nations.

Let us consider a country like India, If we carefully observe here most of the buying activities are done by the feminine gender majority of whom being house wives or who are learning home science. There may be majority of you who would not agree to this fact on the basis that if we consider the hard or capital goods, the purchasing is done by the male gender or the man of the family, but there is a little addition to it. Yes, the purchase in terms of capital and expensive goods is done by the man of the house but in developing countries this decision is made by the women sitting at home, the man just executes the process of buying.

I still remember that when my Grand Father or Grand Uncles used to buy Gold, Vehicles or houses they used to consult their wife, mother and sisters about which brand to buy and all. Till date many of my home decisions on buying is taken by my mother and that's the same case with majority of friends.

Just go around and see how women buy at a vegetable market or a Clothes Bazaar in your city or locality and you will find that it is really a tiresome task to influence women to buy. They want to have even the minute bargain as possible, which if not provided at their comfort will result in product switching. Therefore it becomes really tough for the marketers to design and execute strategies in such kind of environment.

Let me quote something really very funny and important for all of you who might be thinking that lets us now develop strategies to influence women to buy :
The quote goes like this : "God Created Earth and slept well, then God created Man and slept well, finally God created Women, there after neither he slept well nor the man"

Therefore see the market from the point of view of "Customer is Queen", I have starting seeing , I hope you do.

Rohit Tiwari

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