Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Product Utility Optimization"(PUO) - Do you know what your products can do?

I have been hearing about the term "optimization" fixed up as a tail with many Business words like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Product Design Optimization (PDO). I feel all this terms like SEO, SMO, PDO etc have been taught to me as a student from a companies or a business point of view. Many of the great texts books which are referred as Bibles, Geetas and Quarans projects the concept from the business point of view but they fail to convey it to students from the eyes of the customers. And that according to me has to be addressed; any business management student has to be taught to see the world from the customers point of view so as to get a great career prospect ahead.
Every time I buy or use a heavy, durable and costly product for myself I buy it on the basis of the design it have, the kind of social image it gives me, the kind of style it adds to my look and so on; but never I thought about - "am I gonna utilize this product completely". For instance many of us want to buy i-Phones every time a new model from Apple inc is launched but do we use all those application and features it provides to us?. The answer is a straight "NO" (not atleast in my case). I have been a user of Samsung Galaxy to a Blackberry Curve but I don't find my self using something very different because I don't utilize the huge ocean of apps available in both of this world famous brands.

That is where I thought of saying to myself that a term tailed with "optimization" as the last word should be there which talks about product features being utilized to an optimum level.
I define "Product Utility Optimization"(PUO) as the optimum utilization of all those qualitative and quantitative features of a product so as to get the maximum benefit out of the money you spent on buying that particular product.

For an instance, whenever we buy a packaged drinking water bottle, the PUO(product utility optimization) doesn't just talks about the water but it also refers to the utility one can get by selling the empty plastic bottle in scrap. It thus talks about the qualitative (thirst satisfying) aspect as well as quantitative (money oriented) aspect of the product.

This is what I have tried to design as a new concept for myself. There are several such different concepts which we our self can design as individuals and I hope you will also try to create your own one's soon.

Rohit Tiwari

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