Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't forget that the cheerleaders are not going to win it for you

The title I gave to my writing today may sound insane to few and probably very funny to the other few. But I feel this is what I have learnt through my experiences through out the day. My day started as regular one like waking up, getting ready, moving to college to attend few sessions which were important to attend and so on. But today something different was there unplanned on my plate. Evening when I got back home after the whole some parade of tiring work at the college, I was frustrated to hear my mom instructing me to attend a social gathering kind of function organised by one of my relative for which my family was invited.

I had no other option than to attend that function as it was organised by one of very close relative of ours. Initially I was not feeling happy to attend the function but a great experience was awaiting its door open for me in the mean time. In the function I encountered and interacted with one of very old person who was debating with his friends of his age about the superiority of Mahatma Gandhi. I poked my nose in between and joined their discussion. He said - You all happen to know very little about Gandhiji, but there are lot more many things to learn from what he did. Remember Churchill and his comment on Gandhi - "It is insane to see Mr.Gandhi striding half naked up to the steps of viceregal palace, to talk on equal terms with the representative of the king emperor". The old wise man said that Mr. Churchill called Mahatma as a half naked man. He added what ever Churchill said the Mahatma never bothered and he only focused on his work and we all know that how the story ended. The story ended with Britishers Leaving India just because of the courage and focus of the Half Naked Man.

This story made me think and analyse what could be the learning out come out of this. And finally while returning back to home, I realized that many of us start our life's journey (personal, professional, spiritual etc) but we loose our focus because of small petite issues. And most of us loose our focus and eye upon our goal just because we are demotivated by few others who doesnot believe in our vision and dream. If you achieve single-minded focus, then not only you will achieve your dream but all those demotivating factors gets inspired by you and starts following you.

As the Americans put it "keeping your eyes on the ball is the only way to win the game. Don't forget that the cheerleaders are not going to win it for you". From now I have decided to focus on my dream, my career, my life and would not bother about who demotivates me. Will you?

Rohit Tiwari

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