Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ethical and Extra-Ethical, there is nothing called Unethical

The two words “Ethical” and “Unethical” are the most commonly bombarded words in the corporate world today. There is no universal definition or the scope to these two words. If strategy “A” for accomplishing some work means ethical to someone the same becomes unethical in other persons point of view. The absolute difference between these two distinct words remains impossible to define.

My debate today remains is there anything called as unethical in business scenario today? Is there anything which is completely ethical in the business world today? Are we a part of a business environment wherein everyone follows ethics?

The answer or conclusion to this debate is nowhere. No one in this world I guess can conclude this debate even after using our infinite capacity hard disk located in the top section of the human body. And this remains impossible because if something is unethical for someone, the same becomes ethical for someone and this leads us to nowhere.

I was baffling around several books and web browsing on understanding what could be the major difference between ethical and unethical, but I could not find something that made me 100% confident about the difference. Then I came across something in the writings of Mr.CK Prahlad, where he says there is mile and extra mile in removing poverty and I compared the same to ethics.

I have got one of the best answers to this dilemma of ethics and non ethics. I correlated the same with what I read in the writings of Mr. CK Prahlad and processed this. According to me there is nothing like being Unethical, there remains ethics and extra ethics. I believed this to be opt because, if one company opt for something against the policy in order to be in competition, it would not be termed as unethical because the company did it to sustain competition, therefore according to me that is not unethical that actually can be termed as Ethical and if the company would not have opted for such strategy and still worked on it own then that according to me should be termed as Extra-Ethical.

So in my context, I have changed the word Unethical to Ethical and Ethical to Extra Ethical.


Rohit Tiwari

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