Monday, January 9, 2012

"Perform or Perish" - Is it enough to do the work or we need Excellent work?

Andrew Groove has once popularly quoted : "Only Undertake what you can do in excellent fashion. There are no prizes for average performance"

My discussion today is based mostly upon this quote. We often tend to undertake what ever is assigned to us by our parents when we are kids, by our teachers when we start our education life, by our boss while we are employed, by our own children when we become parents and so on. But never we stop for a while and start thinking about why we should do this? Is it just because we have to abide by what they say or feel? Is it because they hold a position which has an impact on our employ-ability or career? Is it because we are emotionally attached to do what our family members ask us to do? and so on. Majority of us never ever try and think about this questions as to why we are doing the assigned work when we know that we cannot do it at the best.

If we consider the corporate atmosphere, then I think we tend to do what ever work is assigned to us because our Boss and Corporate Jungle believes in one straight sentence : "Perform or Perish". If you cannot perform the assigned task in an corporate atmosphere then you are shown the door out. But never we ourselves or the corporate culture never understand that the work should be done or alloted to or by a person who can perform it to the best of his ability. Finally what we need is an excellent outcome but we always get satisfied with work merely accomplished.

Rohit Tiwari

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