Monday, October 19, 2009


It was an exquisite evening of 15th july’2009, when I visited Aurora Business School, a part of Aurora’s Institution along with my principal, my mentor, my guru Dr. Ravi Paturi. It was a very astonishing experience as it was to my surprise that the infrastructure of the Business School was graded to the level of A+ within 2 months of Dr. Paturi taking initiative as the director of the School. The entrance was no less than the entrance of any other best B-schools in the country. The lobby was equally commendable. Still the work was in progress, we can see the labors working day and night to make the building look more eyes catching. Dr. Paturi showed us the whole School and introduced us to some faculty members.

Then, as there was the meeting of directors, we had to wait outside sir’s cabin for an hour. As I along with few members of Student council was sitting outside the gate and having a discussion upon the critical thinking phenomenon, suddenly from no where to the picture enters our principal sirs car and to our surprise an old but fit man with a simple white shirt and a formal pant steps down the car. We were amazed to see the person with that much glow on the face and such a great simplicity. The man walked with attention grabbing steps and everyone along with our principal sir welcomed him. The question clicking my half empty brain was “who is that man?” Then, after few seconds of questioning I finally came to know that, the man was none other than Mr. A.G.Krishnamurty, the founder of Mudra and the man behind the advertisements of Reliance. I was so much happy to know that because one among my dream institutes to get in was Mudra Institute of Communication and Arts.

I was wishing to meet him and on the other side sitting outside sir’s cabin I was wondering whether I will be allowed to meet him or not. But finally our principal sir called us in and the best thing which can ever happened in my life happened. I was sitting in front of the man who started a company with 35lakhs and developed it to the turnover of around 1 billion. The advertising genius and a very successful entrepreneur were in front of me.

After few minutes Dr. Paturi asked us to introduce ourselves. And the countdowns of introductions begin. The first person to get introduced was me….

Then it was the time to get some wisdom from the person who has experienced so many things and has used those experiences to create a company like Mudra. Mr. A.G.Krishnamurthy started motivating and directing us to achieve our goals. He said that “Do what you love to do”.
Then he shared his views on dreaming and aiming.
He said that “If you want to achieve your dream, you must first wake up”. Those words worked like a thunder in our heart and brain and we started visualizing the power of hardworking and enjoying being busy for what we love to do. Let me make it clear for the reader that here in this context, being busy has some other meaning, for making it more clear I would like to quote “It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The main point is what you busy at are?”

It was a great experience having met such an extraordinary and a man who is a living legend. Sir A.G.K is truly a living example of determination, goal and success. It was one of the best moments of my life. I am really thankful to my principal sir, Dr. Ravi Paturi for providing me a chance to meet such a delegate and an institution in himself.

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