Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I some times get very much baffled about What, Who and Where is God. I keep on asking every fourth person I meet about these questions. The answers I get are very much simple and common, as if everyone has learnt it from a book and by hearted it. The answers are “God is Divine and Supreme power” and “And God resides in Heaven”. Everyone I met has been able to say WHAT and WHERE is God but No one has been able to say WHO is God.

This question always revolves over the CHAKRAS in my mind. I always think WHO is God. Everyone fears God. They say “don’t do this thing and don’t do that thing, its wrong, God will get angry and punish us”, this is a wrong perception. The people who think like this fear God and they think God Is fearing. God is not at all fearing, actually he is loving. Don’t fear God and say he will punish you if you do this or that instead say that God will stop loving you if u do something like that. Everyone are equal to God but instead we distinguish God as per our religion. God is everywhere whether it is a temple or a mosque or a church or a small lane.

As I said each and everyone are equal to God then why we human distinguish ourselves and lay down judgements as per caste, creed, colour and religion. I would like to pen down a quote here which goes like this, “WE ARE NO ONE TO JUDGE ANYONE, INSTED THE SUPREME GOD JUDGES A PERSON AFTER HE IS DEAD”.
So I request all the readers going through my writing, From tomorrow take some time, close your eyes and start thanking the Supreme Creator {GOD} for giving us such a beautiful life. Remember He doesn’t create any difficulties on your way, he always tries to make you the best. Follow this “ITS NOT THAT THE THINGS ARE DIFFICULT THAT WE DON’T DARE BUT ITS THAT WE DON’T DARE THAT THEY SEEMS TO BE DIFFICULT

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