Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kirana- the Bharat. Retail FDI - the India

Its been more than a month that I have not posted. It is not that I was really occupied with something else but the fact is I had nothing new to write. But today my mind again started pushing me towards writing and my hands again and again typing the word blogger on my laptop. So, I thought what should I write about? and the thought of writing a small tiny article on FDI (the talk of the Nation) launched into my mind (empty mind :P)  after reading a couple of newspaper. (All thanks to my job which allows me to read couple of newspaper).

Frankly, I am neither a specialist to talk about this topic nor am I a generalist who at least know little about this subject. I am just a normal person, an aam aadmi (not the political party :P) just like the majority of us are. So, my comments and thoughts on the subject are limited and are personal.

At the outset, I am done with reading about this Retail talk every now and then in different tabloids, newspapers and magazine. I am done hearing different views of people around. I am done brain washing myself with what is correct and what is wrong. What I know is this and this is just personal view:
Retail FDI - Good for India, bad for farmers. Good for consumers, bad for small retails. Good for Congress, bad for BJP. But I am at least happy that the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has done his best by doing this.. A bold step takem by him. I mean some step taken. I admire Manmohan Singh in spite of several comments passed by distant people at distant levels.
I am not anti kiranas. I love them. Long live the Kiranas. So, what if this over hyped fear about the small retailer getting terminated? Unless this Big retailers enter into each and every small lanes, the kiranas will live. After all Indians are Indians; they wont travel long journey to buy few packet of biscuits or to buy a bottle of coke to a mall or to the wall marts of the world. They love their Kirana's and they would love to buy it from the known kirana merchant in their street. After all the street Kirana wala knows what this old customer of his needs. This was untill now. But now the ladder of economic stability is moving.  The middle class is spending more on luxury and those products which will make them feel superior. I wont get surprise to see people buying more and more from this organised stores once they start their operation. But still the confusion remains in mind. None can predict who will win in the battle of BHARAT and INDIA; the oldie or the youngie. I wish to see Kiranas rocking.

Rohit Tiwari


  1. Kiranas should Rock because that is the Indian way of retailers.
    But the choice is less for the consumer. For example, take the case of cookies. There are plenty of brands manufacturing cookies and I personally found that Kiranas cannot keep all varieties of cookies with them. But the Big Retailer can manage a whole lot of varieties at one place and this is a benefit to the consumer.
    FDI in retail market will definitely have an impact on the Kiranas.

  2. Great! At last I would be able to select a party which I can support! I am fed-up of these corrupt political parties which uses religion as a bait to lure gullible people. Just keep religion and corruption miles away from your party Kejriwal and you will have my vote in every election.