Monday, November 5, 2012

Marketing Hypnosis......

Yesterday was a great Monday for me, I was refreshed and had a great weekend with my friends at Chennai and returned back to the developing rural land at the place where I work. I was feeling very energetic and the very first thing I wanted to do was to sit in my desk, log on to my virtual world and write something on my blog. But like always I was short of topics. But as the time passed one lady in my office made me think over something very important. She was actually looking forward to buy a Television the coming festival season and was trying to get some reviews and information about different brands. While she was conversing with her colleague about the same, I poked in between (which is my regular habit) and started giving my non-sensible advice.  I asked her which segment of the Television is she buying for which I got a reply saying LED. I advised her not to by LED, instead go for LCD. She said that LED will give a great level of comfort to eyes and wont effect your eye lot. This made me think over it again and again with the following questions :

- "What made her feel that LED will not spoil eye as much as LCD?"

- "What made her review so much about different brands before deciding on the final brand?"

After a few hours of  interesting research on my device, I connected this to the way the Marketers have been trying to create a feel with different brands and segments of the products. It looks to me like the Marketers are penetrating consumers thinking that I termed it as "Marketing Hypnosis". Its something like an unusual hypnotism. 

This hypnotism is seen more in today's generation. The youth today dwell upon brand names and brand. Like this friend of mine who thought the LED TV will not damage the eye as much as any other segment of Television; but we all have been using normal CTR TV's  for decades without encountering a huge effect on eye. Its just a Marketing trick which makes you feel something very different about the product. 

The Marketers are very sharp these days; they know exactly what it is required to get you on the board and finally its a merry go ride for the customers. There can be many such example cited for Marketing Hypnotism. I will mention few below:

- "Why a shoe brand like PUMA, Reebok or Adidas is assumed to be a better choice when it is almost like its counterparts which are far more cheaper in terms of price than those?" Its a Marketing Hypnosis

- "Why do you feel like having an icecream at Baskin n Robins when it gives you same pleasure as any local ice cream parlours in your locality?" Its a  Marketing Hypnosis

- "Why do we feel that a luxury or costly clothing will look best on us when we know that its just a cloth?" Its a  Marketing Hypnosis

- "Why do we feel Switch Watches are far much better in a Globally technologically sound world when we have player like Titan in our own country(India) ?" Its a  Marketing Hypnosis

- "If Samsung Mobile S3 has a tag line - designed for Humans; What does it want to convey when we know that Humans are the only set of living things who use the mobile phones?" Its a Marketing Hypnosis

If i sit and try to give examples it will be in thousands count.

 Marketing Hypnosis cannot be avoided, so the Marketers should be trying hard and hard to become a great hypnotiser. M trying to be one. Are you?

Rohit Tiwari

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