Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year 2012 and the product named Rohit Tiwari…

23 years ago, it was the untimely launch of me on 1st August 1989. That means I was born then. There have been many great years passed by then but the year 2012 has been fairly a cocktail type just like any Indian Movie or the daily soaps. 2012 has been the year of hardships, emotions, depression, recession and the happy expressions for me. The year started with a great sense of happiness and belonging as I had just come from IIM Ahmadabad’s Confluence (Dec 2011) which meant a lot for a person like me dwelling from a not so popular B-School.  I was feeling like a legend in the class after attending few sessions at this Mecca of Management Education in India.  Then this happiness was screwed up completely when I noticed that I was few of those unlucky students in the class who were unable to get the Internships which were supposed to be started in the month of April and completed by June ending. 

And here I was shivering with fear and confused about which company will be ready to give me Internship. I was interested in writing and branding, therefore was looking for some Media companies and Advertising agency to take me as their intern in any domain of their company. And as the time passed by, the number of students unplaced for internship dropped down and I was one of the 2 students still unplaced. And the tension levels fired high and put me into depression. I had lost all the confidence in me and was about to give up on my goal and thought of working as an intern selling insurance. But, as it is said in Hindi – “Bhagwan ke Ghar Der Hain Andher Nahi” (At the house of God, there may be delays but no darkness) which meant that God will always provide you what you deserve at a good time; I got an offer to intern for Advertising department of The India Today Group –one of the prestigious Media company in India.  And I accepted the offer without a second thought. And here I met one of the best professional and lovely bosses – Mrs. Aarti Shourie Peter, DGM and Head of Hyderabad at India Today Group. She made me take initiatives and pushed me into a new project of India Today Group titled “Simply Hyderabad”. What I learnt being with her just for the span of 2 months was 100 times more than any theoretical knowledge I absorbed during all these years of my education. And here now I was on a path and curve which was trying to make me from a normal product to a student products and slowly being packaged as a corporate product. Yes, I was just a product when I was born, then my parents named this product as Rohit (one of the few products of the Tiwari Group), then this product went through some processing and was added extra fittings called “EDUCATION”, and then slowly this product was being packaged as a Corporate Product.  The 2 months stint at the India Today Group passed by soon and I was back to the college. Now I was determined that what may happen I want to top the course and get that Gold Medal which I felt I can.  And the same routine of the college started. And yes, the education side of me was taken care by the inspirational classes of my Professor Mr.Ajay Kumar who pushed me to a new level of thinking which people mostly term as “out of Box”. Since my first year of the course till the end, the only professor who inspired me to do something extra was He. As the classes proceeded, the placement fever again started, this time not for the Internship, but for the permanent corporate placement. That time I learnt something unique about the behaviour of the human being, majority of the students wanted to get placed in good companies but were not pushing themselves to get that. Few of them got placed before the final exams, the other who did not, were blaming the college system. I am still confused whether it was the college system which was not able to place them or their lack of skills. But as later but good, all are now well settled. And again, like the old term of me, I was one of the last few students who were not placed. Had given my hopes on everything and started hunting for the jobs from various sources I can. 

Still unplaced, the date of the convocation came as a surprise. And added to this, I was requested to prepare a speech for my convocation. I felt bad and good at the same time. Bad because I was to share my experience in front of the crowd with a tag of being unplaced and happy because I had accomplished what I had decided – I had topped the course and was to receive a Gold Medal at the Convocation ceremony.  Unprepared for the convocation speech, I just went on to the stage and gave a speech which was acclaimed by most of my companions and also my critics which made me confident about myself again. Then, the hard work paid off; the next week I got calls from 4 different companies offering jobs to me (One being from Media of course). But I choose to be a Digital Marketer than the other three at one of the best place I have ever been to.

And here I am very happily placed. Thanks to different people who made this possible. Especially Late Dr. Ravi Paturi, the guru who always made me think, sometimes by being rude and sometimes by being an example. The things which happened till the day I was placed has been very fluctuating for me.

Then one day, I lost someone very important to me and majority of students & friends of mine, Dr.Ravi Paturi – The tiger of the Aurora’s Institution. Though I opposed him in few things, I actually admire him for several other things. And this pushed me back to the depression. And as the time passed by I tried consoling me and finally I am keeping myself busy in the work and follow some guideline and advice provided by him.

The year at the college has been a great learning for me. Nevertheless the time I spent at my work place is. This year I experienced different thing at the place I work. Went for trekking, tried hand on singing, saw wild snakes, witnessed and appreciated the beauty of nature etc and etc.

Also to mention, I always had been unfortunate in terms of having friends. Mostly I lose friends frequently. But I realized one thing, the friends who stay by you during your hardships and after you depart from them are your real friends. And I am happy that the year 2012 made me realise who those people in my life are. To name few Kripa Dwivedi, Sagar Chowan, Neha Tiwari, Nikita Totla, Niharika Singh, Sandeep Hari, Murli and Subash tops the list.

The Year 2012 has been a year of different experiences for me. If I look backward 23 years ago, the product named Rohit has changed drastically from being a normal jovial kido, to the strain full 10th and 12th standard student, to a professional dancer, to a Graduate, to a writer, to a Management Student and now as a working professional.

I still cherish what has happened to me during 2012 more than the regrets I would claim. Each year has been a great one for me as I look backward. May be I don’t have all those successful things to say which many of the people in my circle may have. But one thing I know that I have tried doing my best always and would keep doing. May be some day this product named Rohit with few added features may be a Brand. And I wish it would be and some coming year I may write “the Brand named Rohit Tiwari” here on this blog. I know I am expecting a lot but expectations and dreaming don’t make you to pay taxes. So keep expecting high and dreaming.

Hoping that the year 2013 will make me experience a different me and be a great one for me, my family and my friends.

Wish you all a very Happy new and a prosperous New Year....

Rohit Tiwari


  1. Good write-up Rohit...and thanks for the tag...Happy New Year :)

  2. hey Darling thanks for giving me a big Brand..........feeling happy to be associated with....tag Line(Hope to see my brand as BOMB) Wish u a very happy and prosperous new year, may your all wishes come true........