Sunday, August 12, 2012

You don’t get it right with one eye closed!!!

You don’t get it right with one eye closed!!!

Ever imagined how does it sense to look around with one eye closed? I guess many of us have tried that and also have found that you don’t get to see the complete picture of the view in front of you. And none of us would want to be the pirate character whose one eye is covered with a black cloth.

In real life if we want to see the world with two eyes open, then why don’t we understand that we gotta see the business world even with the same two eyes open. In majority of cases the students at Business School or academic institutions and the newly joined freshers at the offices are trained in a way to see the world with only one eye open.  I recently had few converstaions with the newly passed out MBA’s from different B-Schools who joined different national and multi-national companies. Majority of these people said that what they were taught at the B-schools was no where in connection to the reality. The major problem which every one faced was they were trained to be a specialist in one subject of business management without connecting the dots with the other areas of management. For Example: one person who specialised in marketing  working in a shipping company had the problem while closing the deals with the clients because he had the best knowledge in marketing but no knowledge of finance, operations and law.

Therefore for any successful business professional today it is a must that he doesn’t see the business world with one eye closed. He/She should posse’s knowledge in each and every area of Business management. it 

Rohit Tiwari

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