Saturday, August 18, 2012

Twitter , Politicians and Politicking

Twitter - one of the widely used social networking site has been witnessing a great hungama with the tweets and counter tweets from Politicians from all around the world. Head of states and governments of at least 125 countries are represented on Twitter. The density of tweeting varies from person to person though. 
Very few leaders tweet regularly and tend to use it more as pre-election engagement tool. 

It will not come as an surprise today to see National Leaders, International Leader and the World Leaders tweeting from their tablets, laptop and mobile phones every now and them at not so common timings. US President Barack Obama was the first World Leader to get on Twitter in March 2007; He is also one of the most popular politician on the micro blogging site with more than 16 million followers. 

Indian Leaders are also not so far behind atleast in this race of tweeting. One may find the Indian Political Leaders like Narendra Modi (CM of Gujrat), Shashi Tharoor (Indian Diplomat), Sushma Swaraj (Leader of Opposition), Akhilesh Yadav (CM of Uttar Pradesh), Dr, Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India) and so on.. 

Even one may find the political parties having their accounts on Twitter and they keep tweeting against each other. For Example: Bhartiya Janata Party and the Indian National Congress (both National Parties) have their accounts and the frequency at which they tweet is of lightning speed. 

The only Nations whose Government officials don't use any Social Networking forum are from China and Indonesia. Perhaps in China it is forbidden to have one.. 

This shows that marketing and branding is every where. The Politicians are trying to Brand themselves which can be termed as personal branding. They are finding the best way to keep their followers engaged with them. The World is Changing, the Politics and the Politicians also, Are you???

The aim of today's post was just to share the knowledge, nothing else. Hope you liked it.

Rohit Tiwari

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