Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Yogi and the Commissar.......

The Yogi and the Commissar.......

Its almost been an year that the urge for a Lokpall bill is fuming in the belly of Mr.Anna Hazare and his followers. It also have been very long that the wants of Baba Ram Dev addressing the issue of Black money to be brought back to India is left unanswered. 

The Yogi is back again, but not with the old attitude of just being a bhola bhaala (Innocent) religious leader but as an activist who is looking for a change and for the betterment of his country. 

The title of this post is copied from the great Arthur Koestler's write up titled "The Yogi and the Commissar" where he speaks of the "Yogi" who seeks change within and for the betterment of the surroundings and humanity. He seeks a change so that he can transform the world. On the other side is the "Commissor", for whom only what matters is power and for whom change comes from without not from within. 

The Nation is witnessing a great match between "The Yogi" followed by his followers and the battalion of corrupt, unpredictable, power hungry politicians and bureaucrats on other hand. But between these two lies the India of intellectuals, business tycoons, new rich entrepreneurs, business man ,traders and the new middle class. But it is sad to notice that the intellectuals lives in the dream world of Ivory and don't want to dirty their hand in politics or join protests like the one of Ramdev to bring change (a very little percentage being exceptional). The tycoons hunting with the hounds and running with the hares are ready to prostrate themselves before every political party and place their bets on multiple horses as they know that peoples mandate and liking for political parties keep changing like seasons. The middle class lives in a cocoon of their comfort zone spending most of their time in working, spending time with family and friends, seeking entertainment etc neglecting the issues which are plaguing the nation. 

If I note all this I find that with all their faults, Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare are better than the best of us irrespective of what kind of allegations related to funds and IT are charged or raised against them. 

I just hope that we see India shining and being called as "The Golden Bird" of the world......

Rohit Tiwari

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