Monday, July 11, 2011

A Poets Hat - Innovative Idea & A Marvari's Hat - Monetizing Idea...... Thats Entrepreneurship....

I am greately inspired by a saying quoted by Mr. Benjamin Franklin "One TODAY is more than two Tomorrow's". A short quote but if you analyse it, you may get an indepth meaning of it.

Now a days there is a fast moving virus of being an Entrepreneur in every third brain we meet (I am refering to a person by saying brain). But the problem with many of them is that half of them have a very innovative idea and other half have the talent of monetizing any idea given. And this is the biggest drawbacks many youngsters who are aiming at starting their own business are facing today. The people who have innovative ideas are unable to find a way to monetize it. Any new startup's first foundation brick would be an innovative idea and the second most important brick is the idea of monetizing it because the ultimate goal of a business is to earn more than the amount invested.

Let me make it more simple for you to understand; Let us assume the first step of "Creating Innovative Ideas" as "POET's HAT". A person should always think like a poet while devicing a plan for a business with innovative and unique touch. But this is not the end its just the starting. After that the same poet should also try and wear "A Marvari's Hat". The Marvari's Hat doesn't mean that you need to be a marvari community based person. It actually means that the idea should be converted into a money making machine (Maravari is a community known for its business money making abilities in India).

But unfortunately the youngsters and new start up today have a great idea (Poets hat) but they fail to make it a proper money making machine (Marvari's Hat). So it becomes necessary to convert the Idea in to money yeilding ideas. That is Entrepreneurship.........


Rohit Tiwari

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