Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are Rich Happy or Poor?.... Observing the true side of the Human Race.....

Human, the most intelligent animal on planet Earth. I agree completely on this. Yes we are intelligent because we have divided the human race in terms of Poor and Rich wherein a poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer as the days passes by. Its not the human race who is ruling the world today, its the creation of the Human race which is doing so and that creation is nothing else than "MONEY".

But there is one thing always striking my not so loaded brain and that thing is are the Richer ones happy or the ones who are poor?. I guess everyone of you also might have felt this so many times.

Today, I started my day with a cricket match with few of my friends near my house and after that match I went for having some hot dosa's and while going I saw a handicapped beggar who was not able to walk and was limping on the roadside to reach his daily place of begging. I felt little uncomfortable watching him like that but I was surprised to see that he was the only guy in that lane whose face was showing a glimpse of satisfaction and happiness. I came back home and I was really in a state of shock that how could some one like that be happy when many of us who have a job, a family and money are not so satisfied.

As I was engrossed in thinking about it, I heard a Vegetable Vendor selling vegetables on a bicycle talking amazingly with one lady who was buying some vegetable. The lady was actually asking for a discount and to this the vendor replied with a great smile- "Madam, Abhi Sabji Japan se aarahi hain isliye mahangi hain, jab Australia se aayegi sasti hogi" (Madam, as of now the vegetables are coming from JAPAN so they are costly, when it will come from Australia it will be cheaper). I was really flattered by the way the vegetable guy was selling his product, though I was completely aware that he was bluffing about Japan and Australia. The utmost thing I liked in this guy was that he was motivating his customer to buy with a smile and happiness on his face which most of the so called big Marketers of big MNC's fail to do.

And again a nail was nailed in my brain which made me think "Are rich happy or Poor?"

Afternoon, again it was a sense of different kind of experience for me when I saw a Auto Rikshaw driver using a bluetooth device connected with a chinese mobile. Though he was not using a blackberry mobile like many of us do, he was happy and he had a sense of pride in his asset.

Those are the poor people of my Country. Infact I should change this sentence uttered by me to : "Those are the happiest people of my country".

Just observe for a while and you will find that the happiest people on earth are those who are happy with what ever they have.


Rohit Tiwari

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