Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Again its Mumbai.... How many more to go?.. A Mumbaikar point of view; who lost their beloved ones....

Again its Mumbai........

The Maximum City as it is referred to as has been facing so much and going through so much of pain that it is impossible for a person like me or you situated in some other city of some other state in India to feel that pain.Its not for the first time that this city which never give up has faced this kind of bomb explosions, attacks etc. It started with 13 bomb explosions in the year 1993, followed by a bomb explosion in the year 2003 which killed around more than 50 odd people. It was not the end of the pain the city of Mumbai went through, the things went on repeating and increasing. In the year 2006, the blasts in the Suburban railways in Mumbai shook the whole India . Little more creativity and innovation added by the terrorists resulted in the Mumbai terror attack in the year 2008. Once again the Capital city of Maharashtra which provides shelter for Bollywood, Big MNC's, Historical Places etc has been hurt by 3 Bomb explosions in 3 different areas. This to me is ridiculous.

I was going through few news channels and I found out the same thing which I have seen during the terror attacks in the year 2008. The News Anchor asks a person to share his views and the person says that THIS TIME the people of Mumbai are very angry. Common for the God sake, I request all those people who talk in the NEWS saying that Mumbaikars are angry to prove that they are angry and they are not going to bear any more nonsense in terms of their security. If I am not worng, I am sure that in a week span of time we will hear in the same News Channels that "the spirit of Mumbaikars has not gone down, they have faced the problem bravely and they are back in their ususal life". And this is the problem with almost every place in India and its citizen.

The same thing is seen in the way the Politicians behave. Saw couple of Politicians saying that this many are dead and this many are injured with a cream of addition saying that "we are investigating". What the hell man, in the worlds largest democracy, people are not able to feel a sense of security. Is this we called as our development?......

We all have to think about it. Just imagine from a Mumbaikars point of view who lost their beloved ones and you will get a different perception. It easy for us to just say that ONLY 20 are dead and few are injured. Imagine the pain those 20 families may be facing who have lost their beloved ones who are actually innocent. The word injured makes us feel that, "Ok few are dead and many are injured"; think from that persons mind who has been injured. Then we will feel the pain.

Its high time for us (The Indians). We have to be more intelligent and should forsee all such things and be reasy to avoid it. Finally I request you all to please pray for all those who lost their lives and also the injured.


Rohit Tiwari

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