Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Its been a long gap of 2 years that I have published my thoughts on this platform. The excuse could be many but to make it crisp and short: - my organization blessed me with some incredibly interesting projects which kept me busy. The word "Busy" here is requested to be considered in a positive denotation. The last two years has been a long journey of my transition from Marketing (Digital Marketer) to Project Coordination to much more exciting domain of Project Management.  Going ahead, I will try my best to publish as and when I can. I will keep them short and quick. Enjoy Reading!! 


Every Organization on this planet has issues; issues that initially looks smaller  and over a period they transform into a Dinosaur ready to eat you. There could be multiple reasons for this small egg to turn into a Big Dinosaur. But one major reason is "Every one is hearing, no one is paying attention"

Organizations don't pay attention to the egg until it transforms into a Dinosaur. And once it transforms into a Dinosaur, Organizations invests a lot of time and money to get rid of it. 

In most cases, the organizations learns about the issues/problems at a nascent stage (egg) but fails to address it because of 2 reason:

  1. They ignore it 
  2. They call for Meetings
And when a meeting is called; in majority of cases the meetings are unproductive because they look at the issue as an Egg and ignore it. They don't look at it as a Dinosaur in production. 

The best shot is to kill the Dinosaur before the egg hatches. It is always beneficial to resolve the issues as and when they arise or the moment you come to know about it. 

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