Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brands and Bands - The Hyper Sonic Marketing...

As any other Indian citizen I have been brought up watching movies and TV serials which are filled with variety of songs. As a kid I used to enjoy the jingles and anthems that used to be a part of the advertisements which used to flash after every few minutes of a program. In fact I was so crazy about those jingles and anthems that I set the britania biscuits tone which syncs as "tin tin tidin" as my message alert tone for my first mobile phone. One day while I was going through the Brand Equity News paper, I heard about a branch of Marketing named "Sonic Marketing/Branding". Sonic Marketing refers to Marketing your brand with a musical feel. For example : Airtel tone, Nokia mobile tone, Britania's tin tin titin, Titan watch tone etc and etc. But today I find the concept of Sonic Marketing taking a curve into something which can be termed as Hyper Sonic Marketing. Brands have always been using jingles and music but suddenly they are extending their engagement levels with music to a new highs. 

Now we will not be surprised to find Brands engaging with Bands to penetrate the audience. For Example : Vivanta by Taj has seeded bands like "Divas of Rock", German automaker Audi created a music - "This is your time" to launch its new premium car, the very popular MTV Coke Studio. This type of Marketing is spreading like Virus. Corporates and Brands are accepting this with welcome arms. No more the music and bands are just part of Bollywood and its affiliates; Powered by social media, consumer brands are creating new musical branding platforms. Brands that have been quick to this change and have got into social music revolution have gained. The recent and very strategically planned "Hyper Sonic Branding" example could be of Nokia who has been quick to leverage its brand endorser Priyanka Chopra's singing debut grabbing exclusive rights of her singing for first 14 days post its launch. Coca Cola's Beat Campaign rocked the Social Media world during the Olympics at London.

It will be no surprise for me to see more and more development in this field and the brands who will be the first to adopt will gain the first slice of the half ripped mangoes.

Rohit Tiwari

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