Sunday, July 25, 2010

DRUGS for Success...!!!!!!!

Drugs for success……!!!!!

I often hear people saying that they want to succeed in their life. But when asked them how will they succeed they have no proper answer. Recently I happened to interact with a school friend of mine who was very much worried about his career and was seeking my advice on how to start up his journey to the most dreamed about concept of Success.

I myself was not able to deliver him a perfect answer for the questions he had. So I asked him to give me some time so that I come up with a great answer to his extravagantly great question. For a week my baffled and lazy mind was wandering in the large store house of my brain searching for the best answer to the question of my friend. So finally I came up with a great idea to help him out.

I fixed a meeting with my friend after a week and I gave him the following speech:

My dearest friend. Success is the largely and hugely demanded thing in this world. People dream about it day and night but they never try to fulfill it or take any step to reach it. They just fantasy success but they don’t make it realistic and when life plays its saddest music over such people, they curse there luck.

To be successful you must do unreasonable things. There are two types of people: people who do Unreasonable things and the people who do Reasonable things.

Unreasonable people are those people who try every single minute to reach towards their goal and who will give up everything (like their laziness, sleep, enjoyment etc) to get towards their goal. They are the people who will get up early and start a great beginning everyday to reach their goal. They are the people who always aim high and have a passion for doing something great in there life.

On the other hand Reasonable people are totally opposite. They are lazy, they sleep more than they work, they do not work hard. They just want Success to be served them as food is spoon feed till they are young. They are not realistic. These kinds of people just dream. They are only best at dreaming. They think to be successful is very easy task.

In short Unreasonable people refer to Realistic people and Reasonable people refer to Non Realistic people.

Now when, I have given you the definition of Unreasonable people and Reasonable people. Let me give you a small mantra to be successful in life. But before giving you the mantra you have to promise me for one thing that you will never tell it to any person because I will be in trouble.

So the mantra to be successful is:

Have DRUGS...........................

Yes you heard it rite to be successful you should have DRUGS. Now your fully loaded brain may be thinking why this idiot is asking us to take Drugs. So to protect my self from the legal aspects of the court I would give you the meaning of DRUGS according to my context.

By Drugs I mean
D: Doing
R: Realistic
U: Unreasonable
G: Goal
S: Setting in life

That’s Drugs for you. If you set realistic goals and do unreasonable things everyday to reach it, you are successful.

So please before you take any step it’s a request that the following article written by me is a philosophical article so never take it seriously and have Drugs which are medically termed for success..

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